Stay on course

FirstMate New Zealand is here to support the health and wellbeing of all those hardworking people across the commercial seafood sector. Our goal is to offer people and businesses the support they need to better navigate the pressures and complexities that come with the job and rise to any potential challenges.

Working at sea may be a calling but we all know making a livelihood this way isn’t always easy. It’s a tough working environment – mentally, physically, legally and financially. And as things continue to change, it’s vital that those in the industry have the support they need to adjust and thrive.

Call 0800 ADRIFT (0800 237 438) today if you need support or advice

A strong, resilient, viable seafood sector is in all our interests. It provides you with a living. It feeds New Zealanders. And it ensures that our coastal communities can thrive.

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About us

FirstMate is an initiative set up for our commercial seafood whānau, with seafood whānau, to provide you with one-on-one support when you need it the most.

What we do

FirstMate offers a friendly ear and the chance to talk about anything that’s on your mind or causing you difficulty. No judgment. No agendas. Just opportunities to talk through anything in your world that is causing you stress or challenges, with people who get it.

Let's talk

FirstMate is specific to our industry. We are here for you. So, please watch the video to find out more or give us a call on 0800 ADRIFT any day between 7am and 10pm and let’s talk through what you need to stay on course. You can also email us. And if you need information, we’ve got a growing library of resources available for you to access.

Want to help? Apply to become a volunteer. Email us and we’ll be in touch once FirstMate is up and running.